Sunday, July 3, 2011

Loose Lips

I had an awesome time this weekend. I saw the stage play "Loose Lips" by Yonel Aris. I love enjoying the experience of the stage. Stage plays allow you to enter the world of the characters for a moment (or a least 2 hours). We enter into the characters world and walk through their journey with them. You even hear the audience with there "I know that's right"... "You better tell him!" Wow... I had fun! YAY... Untill the next experience... C ya

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Love the Skin You're in

The Magazines that we invest so much money in lie to us. They have these images in them that have been digitally altered, photoshoped or airbrushed and we actually believe that we should strive to be like a particular model. How can you be something that does not exist?

We need to undersatnd that when these models/celebrities get makeovers it takes time. There is a great amount of makeup applied, waxing and priming that takes place. Remember that these individuals who have great bodies have personal trainers to achieve a certain look and chefs to prepare their meals. What we see in magazines is the end results of a great deal of work. Mind you people may even have plastic surgery to change there look.

There are many influences in the world right now that are trying to persuade you and suggest that you are not beautiful. What I want you to know is that you are very beautiful! God made sure that he created you... Just the way he wanted, the way he wanted (Ephesians 2:10). You are so unique that no one on this planet has your  fingerprint. I want you to know that God Loves you beyond measure... Love the Skin You're in! You are a custom design an original masterpiece.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm trying but....

I’m trying, but…
what I want to do,
I don’t do enough of,
and what I don’t want to do,
I do too much of.
I know the rules for a Christian life,
according to the Bible,
and I’m trying; I really am, but…
heaven and eternity seem so far away,
and the rampantly materialistic world
presses in so close
from every direction, every side,
that I get distracted.
Focus, focus, focus!
I need to focus, laser-like
on a simple, God-centered life.
Do I really need
to make that frivolous purchase,
instead of giving the money
to someone who needs it
so much more than I do?
Can I watch that TV show,
read that book, listen to that song
that contains (and promotes!)
even a little bit
of what the Bible forbids,
without being corrupted?
Do I do enough
to love and help and encourage others?
Pride always hovers,
eagerly waiting
to subdue and conquer humility,
so I think too much of myself.
I know the rules;
the Bible makes everything clear.
Forgive me, Lord;
I’m trying, but…
Romans 7:15, Matthew 6:19, Matthew 22:39, Philippians 4:8
Poem By Joanna Fuchs

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dish it!

I find myself talking more and more about my feelings. It is quite difficult for me but I find that speaking about your true feelings, from the depth of your soul to someone who is willing to listen, (without passing judgement) aids in relieveing pent up stress. Vulnerability is very difficult for individuals... It's saying "Hey this is me in the flesh, take it or leave it" The only problem is this... our worries regarding the person on the other end of the conversation and their reaction to what we may tell them in confidence.

Always Pray and ask God to show us the heart of an individal before we begin sharing the most intimate details of our  life.

To do, or not to do? That is the Question!

I find myself torn between descions that I have to make... follow my dreams or help others with theirs. How super Crazy is that. I found out in class the other day I am a collectivist.

We played an exercise and I had two choices help my subordinates get promoted or myself get promoted and I chose the first. My professor was like whoa! I was the only one who chose that. Out of ten other categories I choose something for my own benefit last. To some people that would be Admirable, honorable... down tight epic!

 One of my class mates played devil's advocate and posed this question; "What if you were in a Airplane and it was having some trouble would you put the gas mask on your neighbors face, before your own."  I replied of course not! In reprospect I realized that in many situations I did just that. Instead of studying, I used that time to help someone else with a project and ended up failing an exam. Instead of finishing a personal goal for myslef I helped plan an event, host an event or even attend an event before doing something that I know I should be getting done. Guess what? That was the problem. All of those times I was helping another person put on their gas mask while I perished...emotional, psychological and physically. The bigger issue was this while others would leave the situation satisfied, exctied and fullfilled from my help... "Super" Vicky... (which one of my lovely friends call me) I would be litterally flying straight into my kriptonite. When I am drained, burnout, overwhelmed I just want to run in a cave and hide. Sad thing is this is happening more and more frequently.

What I have down was write down all that things that I am responsible for...including groups, organizations I am affiliated with, weekly bible studies, internships etc. I was on three pages front and back. Ladies and Gents... I am spread way to thin. You would think that most of the stuff that I am affliated with I enjoy or that I am interested in.. or that I am doing them because I want to. I would have to disagree... Even Birthday parties are like NOOOO... to me sometimes because I'm like... 1 more thing to add to my schedule.

Just recently... A dream come true occured... finally something I am excited order to it, I would have to make a great amount of sacrifices! cutting back on different activities and prioriting (something I was never good at) My biggest worry is disappointing the people in my life. When will I say Listen Vicky.... you have the right to live aswell. Today! Today I say I am taking control of my life...I donot have a gun to my head when I choose to say yes to these things!

My life Coach Told me this: Every thing that I do does it lead me to my purpose. If it doesn't I need to reevalute my priorities so I can accomplish what I was created to do. If not I will continue to be distracted for the rest of my life... living vicariously through someone else.... or wanting someone else's life, when God has gifted me with talents, gifts and experiences of my own. What I do with them are my choice.

By speaking with someone I shared that, even if I didn't have anything going on... no event, nothing I will find something to occupy my time. Am I being Productive... Productivity is what I want... It's not going to be easy but Prasie God I hope to live to tell my story about it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Celebrate Good Times C'mon! Make 2011 your year of action... Do something different this year :-)

My New Year Message to you!

I Matter, You Matter

I was at church today in prayer and while I was praying I was reminising about something that occurred yesterday. A friend of mine asked me an honest question and I was honest with them. I was shocked! I did not sugarcoat, appease or lie about how I felt about their actions. Usually I find myself agreeing to things I would rather not agree to. Going to events I would rather not go to, and taking on responsibilities that I would rather not be responsible for. I'm the type of person who doesn't like hurting people's feeling or making anyone feel bad.

This time around was different, I spoke from my heart and I was clear about how I felt and that was that. I didn't leave room for my friend to try to manipulate me to change my mind (I fall victim to that every time). I was proud of me actually. We agreed to disagree... I was ok with that! I thank God for showing me that I am capable of doing All things through Him. I never would have thought that I could be so blunt. I thank God for that!

While I was praying today I got a little teary eyed because while I prayed I thanked God for showing me that I truly mattered. My thoughts, my feelings, my opinions, my hopes, my dreams! Everything about me mattered. That has been a personal struggle with me for the longest. Understanding my self-worth is in Christ, and If I don't matter to anyone on this planet, I mean so much to Him. His death alone is what I need to look towards whenever I go through my "I don't matter" phase.

We have the light of Christ shining through us. When we walk around with a negative Self-concept (how we perceive) ourselves. We hide the light that is within in us. Some of us do it all the time. We don't want to share our testimony because we don't think it's important. We don't share stories about ourselves so people can get to know us better. We hide parts of our personalities for fear of being judged. We repress our true selves and end up trying to piece together this false identity.

I leave you with this:

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:14-16)

This Little light of mine.... I'm gonna let it shine! Remember I matter, you matter! We all Matter! :-)
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